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Extend your swimming season with an ecological, extremely quiet and energy efficient Zodiac heat pump.


Zodiac Power

Swimpool Centre offers the Zodiac Power heat pump for swimming pools, combining design and performance, ideal for heating small pools.  The dimensions of this heat pump are optimized to take up the minimum amount of space in the garden. Zodiac Power, undoubtedly the most compact and elegant heat pump in the range. The Zodiac Power heat pump heats the water in your swimming pool rapidly, and the R410A refrigerant fluid is environmentally-friendly. Opt for a Zodiac heat pump and keep your water warm all year round without ruining yourself. The Power range is designed for all those, and there are a lot of you, who want the water at 28°C for up to 6 months of the year and therefore enjoy their pools for as long as possible.

Sleek and compact design that has become synonymous with Zodiac heat pumps.

*5kW, 7kW, 9kw & 11kW units are ideal for most residential pools.

*Accurate sizing available via Zodiac’s unique Heating Survey tool.

*Ultra-efficient with a COP of 4.7 under European Standards – Secound only to Zodiac’s PowerFirst Premium range.

*After Sales Service.

*Uses environmentally friendly R410A gas

Zodiac Power First

Demand the best heat pump, choose the Zodiac Power First!  Zodiac extends its range of heat pumps with its Top-of-the Range Power First heat pump.

The only heat pump on the market certified to French standards!  Designed with quality materials and components, and including the latest technologies, the Power First  is a quality and ultra-efficient heat pump. The intelligent electronic pressure reducer provides an optimized performance coefficient, even at lower temperatures.  Frost-free models let you use the heat pump all year round, summer and winter. With the Power First , Zodiac is also committed to reducing the noise of the pump as much as possible to make the most of your pool while remaining environmentally-friendly. Choosing Power First is the assurance of investing in efficient, quality equipment!

Most Ecological – 80% of the energy used to heat the pool is taken from the air, which is a totally natural energy source. The refrigerants (R410A) used by Zodiac also have no effect on the ozone layer.

*The Quietest – Cutting-edge ventilation and compression technology results in exceptionally quiet products.

*The Most Innovative – Titanium technology guarantees total anti-corrosion protection. Uniquely manufactured from advanced materials, Zodiac Heat Pumps are designed to last – rust free.

*Energy Efficient – Zodiac heat pumps are extremely efficient and have an exceptional Coefficient of Performance (COP). For every 1kW consumed by the compressor, the heat pump restores up to 5kW to the swimming pool. 

*Easy to use – A digital control thermostat allows you to easily select and adjust the exact pool temperature you require. Equipped with a flow switch, the heat pump starts and stops automatically at the same time as your filtration system.

*Support - Swimpool Centre offer After Sales Service.


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